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Jabuka 2004

Carving at Killarney Community Centre

Vancouver, B.C.
After 13 weeks of intense carving, Jabuka was created with the help of 465 carvers.
Jabuka (slavic for apple). A term of affection: "My little apple." The name was provided by a community member who participated in the carving.

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  • Wood Delivery
  • Lady Carving
  • Roughing Out Design.
  • Kids carving nest.
  • Testing beak.
  • Sampling stain colour.
  • Varnishing nest.
History of the Wood
The sculpture was made from reclaimed driftwood found on Iona Beach (near the airport). The base is carved from a sturdy red cedar root, but the heron came from a chunk of hemlock that was so hard it actually broke chisels. Ironically, it rotted quickly and the work was de-commissioned in 2014.

Concept Drawing

jabuka sketch

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Special thanks goes to the following:
Vancouver Parks Board, The Killarney C.C. and AMEC Eng. for their generous support.

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