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Shipwreck 2001

Carving at Coal Harbour Community Centre

Vancouver, B.C.
1400 carvers helped create 'Shipwreck.'

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  • Enthusiastic Carvers.
  • Everyone pitches in.
  • Early stages of carving.
  • Kids carving.
  • Even carving in the rain.
  • Mother and daughter carvers.
History of the Wood
Wood originated from Gibsons Log Sort on the Sunshine Coast.

Concept Drawing

shipwreck sketch

After much discussion and delay, 'Shipwreck' replaced the original concept 'Hiking and Heeling' (see below) and carving was able to begin on June 21, 2001.

Original Carving Design

Original Concept Drawing Hiking and Heeling 'Hiking and Heeling' - to lean way out over the edge of a boat, under heavy wind, in order to counter balance the boat's tendency to tip over.

Coal Harbour has been the home of "squatter's slums", artist ghettos, sheep pastures, coal mining dreams, a 30,000 seat hockey arena (the Vancouver millionaires), rail yards, first nations settlements and, of course, virgin forest.

Original Concept Drawing Hiking and Heeling Through all of these changes, pleasure boating has remained the single consistent activity. Today, the site is home to a marina and the Vancouver Yacht club (started in 1886).

'Hiking and Heeling' is a tribute to sailing.

Special thanks goes to:
Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation, The West End Community Association, the Vancouver Office of Cultural Affairs and the Coal Harbour Community Centre.

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