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Tree Frog

Queensbury Elementary School

North Vancouver, B.C.
PAC at Queensbury was looking for a large art project that could involve all ages, so that every student could feel part of it. Carving was chosen because it was a unique opportunity and materials would be donated.

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  • Root delivered
  • Eric giving carving instructions
  • Girl carving
  • Grade two students
  • Boy chiseling
  • Kids sanding
  • Completed Frog Slide
History of the Wood
Root came (discounted) from O'Briens Log Sort, Queen Charlotte Islands. It was barged to Vancouver and delivered (at no charge) by O'Briens Log Sort.

Root saved from becoming wood chips.


octopus sketchEach class examined projections of the raw root and sketched dozens of ideas on top of the image.

frog sketch

3 ideas were developed and distributed.

A student vote selected the frog design.

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Special Thanks goes to:

O'Briens Log Sort, PAC Committee

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