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Delbrook Drifters 2004

Delbrook Recreation Centre
North Vancouver, B.C.
4 teams of volunteers - over 8 evening workshops, designed and constructed sculptures out of driftwood and mixed media. Each piece was then sealed with resin, reinforced with fiberglass, primed, painted and sealed again with Endura epoxy finishes.

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  • Delbrook Pottery
  • Creativity at work
  • Tennis Anyone?
  • Delbrook Pride
  • Trio

The District of North Vancouver provided elaborate engineering drawings and powder coated support fixtures. Also, pizza, pop and chips at every workshop, and a free studio for two months.

Oh, and did I mention the use of a scissor lift for a week? How about a flat bed and two burly assistants who worked in the pouring rain?

The enthusiasm of District staff has allowed this project to expand to its maximum potential. And, I think, the proof is in the installation.

Special thanks goes to the following:

District of North Vancouver

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