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Project Sequoia

Co-operative Carving at the Doug Drummond Housing Complex
6077 Kingsway Ave, Burnaby B.C.
(one block East of Imperial)
After a sequoia tree died on BC Housing property, staff decided to use it for a community carving.

The design came from workshops where residents brainstormed ideas and agreed upon the hummingbird hovering over a flower. From designing, planning and carving, everyone chipped in!

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  • Begin Carving
  • Raw Hummingbird
  • Elvira and Kids
  • Carving in tent Oct
  • Planning Session
  • Log Delivery

History of the Wood
The dead sequoia tree formed the flower stem and the body of the humming bird. A red cedar root formed the flower. The root, weighing 9,100 lbs, was uprooted at Prospect Point during the great storm of December 2006. It was donated by the Stanley Park Restoration Society.

Concept Drawing

sequoia sketch

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Special Thanks goes to the following:

Stanley Park Restoration Society, and BC Housing.

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