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Growing Iris

Revenge Best Served Tepid by a Cold Thespian

Her past confronted, her flops exposed, she needs her luck to change.

Iris Peacock is a stagnant actor temping at a law firm to get by. She's stuck, and needs to get her nerve back.

When Kal Mulgrew (her former stage director) suddenly appears at the office, Iris is compelled by an otherworldly impulse to take action by filming a guerilla-style documentary - Desperate: What it Took to Land a Part.

The shoot places Iris and her fellow thespians in a risky situation fraught with lust, change, and prosciutto.

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launched in 2011, chronicles milestones and observations of life as
The Organized Bohemian.


DM Petric Bio
Dana M Petric writes and studies the world from a 47° (acute) angle.
After twenty years of independently writing, producing and performing theatre productions in Ontario and BC, Dana Petric has shifted to self-publishing.
Thanks to 'self-publishing inspiration' from Anaïs Nin and Virginia Woolf, Dana uploaded her first novel, Growing Iris (no typesetting required).
Contact her at Dana Petric

Theatre Pieces

Written and Performed

Run Me Down at the Vancouver Fringe 2006
Simone Says at the Vancouver Fringe 2002
The Block at the Coach House in Toronto 1998
The Blue Apple at Whitaker Avenue in Toronto 1994